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Dia II BTE Hearing Aid Dia II BTE Hearing Aid
Dia II

The most versatile, discreet hearing aid with unmatched sound quality and clarity

For mild to severe hearing loss


Universal sound experience

Adapts to enhance speech and block background noise

Industry leading performance​

Latest digital technology from Germany

Advanced sound processing

Provides maximum clarity

Oro RIC Hearing Aid Oro RIC Hearing Aid

The most powerful product yet, Bluetooth optional with unmatched sound quality and clarity

For mild to profound hearing loss


Advanced sound processing

That provides maximum clarity

Industry-leading performance

Supports even the most profound hearing loss

Auto-adapt feature

One listening program that adapts based on enviroment

Not ready for hearing aids?
Try the Audicus Solo

We’ve got your perfect match.

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Meet the Audicus Solo:

A smart hearing solution for a wide range of everyday settings.

Solo $399/EAR

The Solo is designed for people who struggle to understand soft speech, have difficulty hearing conversation over distances, or difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments. Use the Audicus Tuner App to customize your preferences.

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